new gods to worship

+ their new glyphs


Multidisciplinary artist working in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. I work with various media, film, photography, music, painting, collage or simply drawing on paper. I like the tactile experience of making things and seeing them in various stages from start to finish. Actually I’m often tempted to touch art, and making it gives you that luxury. So touch art!

New gods is an ongoing series depicting reimagined gods with more contemporary attributes, such as the god of the lines at oxxo, the god of the poppy or chiva. But there is also the goddess of heartbreak and her cousin the goddess of drunk sad songs at the bar. There will be more to come.

The central themes in my work reflect a history of a place and the memories of its objects, like some romantic past emerging and still resonating in our present.  Meaning something primordial, things that exist in the realm of the poetic. Mexico has been the perfect place to explore these themes from its architecture to its rich past and its color. That alone is something that drives my painting. I want the color to be rich and exuberant, whether I’m using everyday consumer paint or creating my own pigments. I want them to have a solemn quality.